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Lead India Charity Rally is an initiative of Lead India Foundation, a not for profit making company, registered as a trust in India and has been registering as a not for profit making company u/s 25 of MCA. The organisation is set up mainly to build up the capacity of the NGOs working in the remote areas of the country and lead them to work enthusiastically in development and humanitarian issues. It is a Non Profit Making, Secular, Non Political, Legal, Non Governmental Global Organization formed for Networking, Nestling and Nurturing NGO’s Beyond Borders as An Association of Non-Governmental Organizations BUILDING BRIDGE BETWEEN FUND GIVERS AND FUND TAKERS


The Association’s mission is to serve its member organization, strengthen and encourage the non-governmental sector as a whole , increase public understanding of the non-governmental community, and provide the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to connect, partner, and multiply their contributions to solve humanity’s basic problems.

Lead India Foundation is one of the world’s eminent membership associations with innovative concepts for NGOs, with members targeting in over 140 countries in coming three years including Grantmakers. The Association’s ongoing membership will encompass the vast spectrum of the NGO world, ranging from small non-profits focused on their local communities to major, international organizations with global agendas, from the least developed nations to the richest countries.

In order to support various innovative Ideas in the development sector, it raises fund for both the Grantmakers and Grantseekers, through different activities like Charity Rally, Ideal Indian Club and Ambulance Project. Lead India Charity rally is a grand Car Rally event of Lead India Foundation for meeting People, knowing local issues and researching for it resolution, Fundraising to support the Needs of Grantmakers and Grantseeker.

The Vision

The LEAD INDIA accepts democratic ideals in practice, while working with people. It recognizes equality, social justice, freedom, continuous development, self-enrichment, and participation as its core values. Our important vision is to unite NGOs, especially working in the remote areas of India, with a good will to promote marginalised section and to raise fund for them for different causes and to link them with grant makers. We believe that if each individual in India donates one rupee in a day, the donation amount goes to more than 125 crores on that day and through Lead India Charity rally we want to materialise the same. An we need the support of all the people and organisation for the same.

Our aim is to strive for an untruth free social order, where a harmoniously integrated and nature-friendly human development is realized for one and all.

The Mission

To strengthen and develop Fund raising activities, human resources that acts upon true, real, and right direction, ultimately nurturing the bonds of the community spirit and social justice, creating peace and harmony, and striving for sustainable human development.

To develop character and skills, and health and education of human being, and to safeguard environmental factors in protection of the truth and the nature through awareness, training, motivation, research, and action.

To provide effective network of coordinated planning, training, research, action, and implementation for the NGOs who are working with a true heart but have technical barriers to sustain.

The Objectives

Integrated development of any field relevant to society through human development by creating desired resources, utilizing available resources, and performing combined efforts into action.
To Network each and every people and organisation around the world for a great cause to attain our goal to serve the humanity.






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