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We at LEAD INDIA believe that the pursuit of knowledge should be a socially relevant activity. We’re dedicated to promoting the interdependence of research, action and sustainable development. As the role of social institutions in processes of social change widens and deepens, it becomes even more vital to relate theory to practice by combining empirical research with action-oriented programs. Research mustn’t be limited to seminar and conference rooms, academic books and journals and largely uncirculated official or non official documents. Instead, research in the social sciences can be made meaningful to all sectors of society by linking it with programs of sustainable and positive social change.

During our earlier years, we concentrated research on localized problems among the underprivileged: Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, women and the urban poor, their rights and IPR. More recently, the scope of our research has widened to include international, national and regional issues. Our research and enquiries address topics of and related to human rights, IPR, A2K, gender, health, violence against women and children, environment, education, governance, political participation, labour, industry and trade. As much as our research work has been appreciated for its scientific rigor, we are also proud of the policy-level recommendations and action-oriented insights that emerge from our findings. LEAD INDIA’s monographs, books and reports have been well received by social activists, universities and policy-making bodies alike.

For more information about the research department and our activities, please contact Mr. Manoj Pattanaik, at manojkumarpattanaik@ymail.com

International Trade Law Isues and perspectives synopsis.




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