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Being an implementing agency, we are observing that the NGO's are weak in technicality and legal procedures, agencies are implementing various schemes for more than 4 years but they are not aware of Trust Registration and other legal formalities.

Some organization they are involving social services more than 10+ years without 12A, 80G, FCRA and other income tax numbers even if Some Organizations are expecting funds and Sponsors without FCRA, is it possible?

Yes if you will come with us then you can find a ladder is already developed for you……

Some organizations are well versed about all legal activities but they do not know how to get 35AC, 35(i) (ii) and other income tax notifications.

LEAD INDIA is a team of dedicated and well qualified team providing the world class services at your door step.


To equip the NGO’s in the following:

  1. Legal Aspects
  2. Fund Raising
  3. Technical Aspects
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Information for International Seminars, Conferences & Meetings

To get all this services you have to become a member with NGO,

for membership kindly click here.

Only a member NGO can avail following services. All the services are

reliableand cost effective, even if a small NGO can afford it.

  1. Providing consultancy to form a Trust & Other common activities
  2. Providing consultancy for Sponsor Relational Department
  3. Providing consultancy for various Project Implementation Work
  4. Trust Deed to Society Deeds
  5. Applying PAN Card
  6. Applying 12A
  7. Applying 12AA
  8. Applying 80G
  9. Applying FCRA
  10. Applying 35AC
  11. Applying 35 (1 & 2)
  12. Applying 35 (1 & 3)
  13. Applying 35CCB
  14. Organizing Funds for your Organizations
  15. Projects against Sponsorship
  16. Organizing Funder’s in Local & Aboard
  17. Different Plans for Fund Raising Work
  18. Writing International Project
  19. Promoting your Organizations Activities
  20. Arranging International Meetings & Seminars
  21. Website Development.

Price List of LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION NGO Services for 2012-13 in India

Price List of LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION NGO Services for 2012-13
The following price list is exclusively for Lead India member, non-members should
add Rs. 2000 extra of the given price

LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION is going to be one of the top NGO service providers in developing world. In partnership with National and International NGO Consultants, it is trying to offer services in 129 countries worldwide.

LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION offers the best of services at unbeatable market price along with top class of customer support services.

Clientele: LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION is targeting to serve to more than 2200 NGOs with in India and many more NGOs worldwide.

Please, find the LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Price List for the year 2012-13 in India [i.e., subject to change without prior notice, depending on local market rate].

Note: All prices are in INR and payable in advance to LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION. All offer services are guaranteed by 99.99 percent within a given time frame and fees are 100 percent refundable in-case of delay or non-completion of ordered services.
Please, call to # 079-2323-0020 for more info such as - how to order a service and its time frame etc.

1. In-person meeting [with LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Consultants] for 30-45 Min at any LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Center with in India 2000/.
2. Video meeting [with LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Consultants] for 30-45 Min from LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Center in India 500/ .
3. In-person meeting [with LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Consultants] for 30-45 Min in your preferred business place available at selected cities: 10,000/ excluding Local Travel Cost.

NGO Fundraising Services
1. NGOregistry -  [ FREE ]
2. Proposal.Repository -  [ FREE ]
3. Liaisoning - [ Depends on Project ]

1. NGO Award Function - Starting from 50,000/ (in Gandhinagar) 85,000/ in any other part of the country
2. NGO Conference - Starting from 40,000/ (in Gandhinagar) 85,000/ in any other part of the country
3. NGO Gala Nights - Starting from 50,000/ (in Gandhinagar) 85,000/ in any other part of the country
4. NGO Workshops - Starting From 50,000/ (in Gandhinagar) 85,000/ in any other part of the country

1. Website Design including Hosting: Starting from 4800/ year
2. Email: Starting from 4500/ year
3. Contents writing for Website - Starting from 10000/
4. SEO - Starting from 20000/

In Print Services
1. Visiting Card - 1000 pieces for 360/
2. Booklet - Depends on paper quality and no. of units.
3. Brochure - Starting from 2000/
4.Banner - Starting from 1500/

1. Project Proposal - Starting from 1000/
2. Project Report - Starting from 1000/
3. Event Report - Starting from 1000/
4. Planning / Policy Document - Starting from 2000/
5. Concept Note - Starting from 1000/
6. Presentation / NGO Profile - Starting from 1000/
7. Video Documentary excluding travel cost - Starting from 3500/
8. Brochure - Starting from 350/
9. Booklet or Annual Report - Starting from 1500/
Exclusively for foreign fundraising: If documents are edited by a native English speaker [a person born, raised and educated in English speaking country such as United States, Canada, UK etc.] then it will attract 2000/ extra on above price.

Associate Services
1. Financial Consultancy - Starting from 1000/
2. Internal Audit - Starting from 1000/
3. External Audit - Starting from 2000/
4. Audit report - Starting from 2000/
5. Income Tax Return - Starting from 5000/
6. Utilization Certificate - Starting from 5000/
7. Budgeting of projects at current market rate - Starting from 1000/

Basic Services
1. Project Execution & Support - Starting from 3000/
2. Project Monitoring & Evaluation - Starting from 5000/
3. An experienced Freelancer on day basis - Starting from 1000/

1. Multi-State Co-Operative Society Registration - 10,000/
2. Non-Profit Company - Sec-8-50000/-
3. ISO for NGO - Depending on type of ISO certification
4. 35AC Registration - 75,000/
5. FCRA Registration - 50,000/
6. FCRA Prior Permission - 35,000/
7. FCRA Amendments - 30,000/
8. FCRA Return - 25000/
9. FCRA Complex Cases - 75,000/
10. 35, i,ii registration - 99,999/
11. 12A Registration - 35,000/
12. 80G Registration - 50, 000/

Franchise @ 50% Discount
1. Franchisee Opportunity of Careernexxt a leading coaching class of Gujarat @ 50% discount (For Details Please Visit www.careernexxxt.com )
2. Franchisee Opportunity of My IELTS DOCTOR a Leading International English Language training Company @ 50 % Discount ( For details Please visit www.myieltsdoctor.com )
3. Franchise for Play School “ LITTLE KNIGHTS” @ 50% Discount

1. Fresher Hiring - 1000/ each hire (For NGOs and Corporates)
2. Experienced Hiring - 2000/ each hire (For NGOs and Corporate)

Immigration and international admission
1. Registration fees- 5000 – 15000
2. Government fees and college fees as per the norms mentioned in their website.

To get a complete list of LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION NGO Services along with price list, please register for FREE or call to # +91-8905233043 Write Us At- info@leadindiafoundation.org




Section 8 Company Registration
Section 8 Company Registration
Section 8 Company is named Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, which pertains to a established 'for promoting commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object', provided the profits, if any, or other income is applied for promoting only the objects of the company and no dividend is paid to its members. Therefore, Section 8 Company or Section 25 Company is a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 for charitable or not-for-profit purposes.
A Section 8 Company is similar to a Trust or Society; expect, a section 8 Company is registered under the Central Government's Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Trusts and Societies are registered under State Government regulations. A section 8 company has various advantages when compared to Trust or Society like improved recognition and better legal standing. Section 8 company also has higher credibility amongst donors, Government departments and other stakeholders.


Registration for 80G Certificate to Get Tax Exemption for NGOs

Know about the 80G registration process and how to get 80G Certificate and 12A Certificate to get tax exemption for the charitable trusts and societies (NGOs) in India. Income Tax department issues these certificates for tax exemption on donated money.
What is 80G Certificate?
Exemption under section 80G gives rebate to a donor on the amount he donates to an organization that has 80G certificate. If the public charitable organization (NGO) has 80G certificate then the donors of that organization would not need to pay tax on the 50% of the donated amount.
How to Register for 80G Certificate to Get Tax Exemption
Exemption under section 80G is applied on a form called 10g. This form can be downloaded from Income Tax department’s website.
Validity of 80G Certificate
Income tax department issues 80G certificate only for a specific period (usually 1-3 years). After expiry, 80G exemption must be reapplied for and renewed.
Update (June 2014): Now Income Tax department is issuing 80G certificate for lifetime. You would no longer need to get it renewed.

                                                      Read More>>

35 AC 12 Certificate

All approved NGOs are required to issue a certificate to the donor for all contributions & receipts under section 35AC. The certificate is to be issued in Form 58A.
This certificate will enable the donor to claim exemption from its taxable income. Further, the NGOs should also send an Annual Report to the National Committee indicating the progress of the work relating to the project/scheme and the following information in respect of each contributor :
i) name of the contributors & their addresses.
ii) PAN.
iii) amount of contributions.
iv) the project/scheme for which the contribution is made.
v) total amount of contribution received during the year.
vi) total cost of the project approved by the National Committee.
Such Annual Report should reach the National Committee by 30th June, following the financial year in which the amount is received.


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