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Boss Facilitation Center is a Franchised office of Lead India Foundation, an ISO 9001-2008 to support the Work of NGOs who are the Members, BOSS Service Holders and Boss Partners of Lead India Foundation. All of the organisations are non-profit organisations established as per the rules and regulations of different Non-profit laws of the country and working for the benefit of the public especially marginalised sections of the society. The Facilitation Centre functions to provide information on different programs and proposals that may be important to the NGOs in that area, it helps in collecting Latest information and Documents of the NGOs for preparing their projects and submission and at the same time maintains a high level of co ordinations among the NGOs for their growth.

Benefits of Being the Franchisee of BOSS Facilitation Centre

As per brand of Lead India Foundation

  • An established business concept in Non Profit;

  • An established brand of Non Profit;

  • Well-defined operating systems and cost structures; and

  • On-going training and operations support.

  • Higher brand awareness;

  • Increased system-wide sales;

  • Stronger community relationships; and

  • Differentiated market presence.

  • Be a leader for the NGOs in your Area

Financial Benefit: All the BOSS facilitation Centres will Get 30% of One-time deposit from an NGO Registered at the facilitation centre and 40% of Monthly payment received from the NGOs

Requirement of BOSS KIOSK (Facilitation Centre)


Lead India Foundation got its start as a Networking, Nurturing and Nestling organisation in India and started its International activity in USA in the name Give Globally Foundation in 2012 with an ingenious concept of offering fund raising and project submission activities in a trendy and comfortable atmosphere.  Direct communication between Lead Indians and Non-profits, transparency in preparation, and a climate for openness and sharing all worked so well that expansion was a natural consequence, and we are now present on every less developed continent on the planet.  But if there is one thing we have learned since beginning the journey, it is that each new city, region or country presents its own opportunities and challenges.  The key to success lies in the people who lead the Lead India Foundation into the new areas.  That is why we devote so much attention to attracting and selecting partners whose personal and professional qualities will make sure that the proven concept and system do not get lost in translation.

  • Rather than looking for pure investment partners, Lead India Foundation places great importance on building partnerships strengthened by the expertise and special knowledge of both franchiser and franchisee:

  • Lead India Foundation brings a successful and coherent concept which has already proven itself in numerous markets and which promises great chances for success when implemented systematically;

The franchisee brings his entrepreneurial skills, his knowledge of the local non-profit and cultural climate, his personal network and contacts, and last but not least his personality, all of which are essential to ensuring success of the franchise in his territory

This leads to the following personal characteristics which Lead India Foundation looks for in a franchisee:

  •  strong identification with the Lead India Foundation concept

  • visionary and entrepreneurial thinking

  • pronounced self-confidence

  • positive leadership and motivational skills

  • team-oriented attitude

  • a hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge

  • the willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system 

  • a well-established network of local partners, authorities and opinion leaders

  • keen understanding of the local mentality and culture

  • the willingness and ability to build up a successful brand in your market

  • a sound background in business development

  • operational experience in the catering branch

In addition, a Lead India Foundation partner must be up to the demands for financial performance required by the investment of substantial equity and debt capital in establishing a Lead India Foundation franchise. 

Our experience shows that setting up the first BOSS KIOSK will cost about 1 million INR.  This does not include various extra costs, such as company foundation and registration, legal advice, etc.  The franchise partner must be able to bear at least 30% of this initial investment, and is responsible for raising the remaining amount on his own.


Lead India Foundation will charge a monthly flexible franchise fee at between 40 to 50 %, depending on variables linked to location and turnover.  The franchisee is also required to cover a one-time development fee of 50,000 INR per BOSS KIOSK.  This fee covers Lead India Foundationís active participation in setting up the new location, including location selection, coordination of construction and renovations, staff training, etc.






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