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The Legal Education and Development ( Lead India Foundation) is one of the world’s eminent membership associations for NGOs, with members targeting in over 140 countries. The Association’s ongoing membership will encompass the vast spectrum of the NGO world, ranging from small non-profits focused on their local communities to major, international organizations with global agendas, from the least developed nations to the richest countries.

The Vision

The LEAD INDIA accepts democratic ideals in practice, while working with people. It recognizes equality, social justice, freedom, continuous development, self-enrichment, and participation as its core values.

To strive for an untruth free social order where a harmoniously integrated and nature-friendly human development is realized for one and all.

The Mission

To strengthen and develop human resources that acts upon true, real, and right direction, ultimately nurturing the bonds of the community spirit and social justice, creating peace and harmony, and striving for sustainable human development.

To develop character and skills, and health and education of human being, and to safeguard environmental factors in protection of the truth and the nature through awareness, training, motivation, research, and action.

To provide effective network of coordinated planning, training, research, action, and implementation.

The Objectives

Integrated development of any field relevant to society through human development by creating desired resources, utilizing available resources, and performing combined efforts into action.

Gain your Strength


LEAD INDIA plays a key role in advising governments, intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, and regional bodies. The proceedings of LEAD INDIA conferences and symposia, and resolutions emanating from the membership, are distributed to world leaders and the heads of international and intergovernmental organizations, and LEAD INDIA plays a direct role in providing counsel and partnering with such leadership.


LEAD INDIA helps NGOs worldwide to offer a strong, unified voice in advancing conflict resolution and moral solutions to pressing global, national, and social problems. The Association provides information on the importance of NGOs and confront challenges to the NGO community. Nonprofit organizations are heavily affected by public policies. As an infrastructure organization, LEAD INDIA provides a “voice” for nonprofit organizations in the enactment and revision of laws and regulations.


Overall, LEAD INDIA assists NGOs by providing support and access to information and resources that can aid them in accomplishing their own missions relative to creating a better society and world; economically, socially, environmentally, politically, and morally .The Association also provides a means of identifying “ best practices” and circulating information about these best practices. In order to better accomplish their tasks, it is important for NGOs to be recognized by the public, donors, beneficiaries and potential partners. LEAD INDIA features NGO members and their activities in its literature, conference presentations, web site, and E- News in order to give them this greater visibility.


Regular: Regular Organization Membership is available to NGOs . Regular members receive all membership benefits, including the right to vote and hold office.

Seniors: Senior Organization Membership is the highest membership class to which an organization can apply for membership. Senior Organization Membership can be awarded only to an NGO which either has chapters or full-time offices in four or more nations, or which has more than 10,000 individual members, or which is an association representing at least 100 institutions or organizations, or which is a university or college. Senior members receive all membership benefits and have two voting representatives.

Affiliate: Affiliate Organization Membership is available to organizations other than NGOs, such as governmental and intergovernmental bodies and businesses, which are engaged in functions consistent with the purposes of the Association. Affiliate members receive all membership benefits except the right to vote or hold office.


Associate: Individual Membership is available to persons whose interests and/or activities are consistent with the purposes of the organization. These receive all membership benefits except free access to the NGO membership list and the right to vote and hold office.

Fellow: The class of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction and is conferred only by invitation of the International Council upon a person with an excellent record of accomplishments in areas of relevance to the Association. LEAD INDIA Fellows have the right to participate fully in the Association’s meetings and activities, including the right to vote and hold elective office.

There are also categories of honorary membership for organizations and individuals, which are conferred by resolutions of the Associations.

Many LITTLE THINGS, done by
Can change the face of the WORLD.


Networking, Nurturing And Nestling NGOs Beyond Borders
Legal, Educational And Developmental India Foundation

It is important that the name of LEAD INDIA be associated with integrity, ethics, and values that support the public good. LEAD INDIA membership equates an NGO with being legitimate, active, and ethical. For this reason the approval process is more extensive than many associations. However, once your organization is approved, you join a special family of organizations. Furthermore, we keep the annual dues much lower than most associations, having been formed by NGOs to serve NGOs.
A  non-profit organizations constitutes the main membership of LEAD INDIA, affiliate and associate (non-voting) memberships are available for commercial entities, governmental bodies, and interested individuals. To apply for an affiliate or associate membership,

The following procedure applies for non-profit organizations.

1.     Complete this form  and submit it to membership@leadindiafoundation.org, or via mail to Membership Director, LEAD INDIA, 168, Opp. Nigam Petrol Pump, Sec.-21, Gandhinagar – 382021 Gujarat, INDIA

2.     Submit a copy of a document showing that you are registered in your nation, clearly noting the date of incorporation or registration. * If this is not possible, since situations vary around the world, then you may provide one of the following:

a)     A copy of the organization’s organizing documents ( articles of incorporation, constitution, and/or bylaws), or equivalent document;

b)     A letter of explanation of why your organization is not registered, along with two or more letters of recommendation to support your case.

3.     Submit proof   of recent activities, such as a copy of a recent  brochure or a copy of the most recent annual report. ( A web site address for your organization will fulfil this requirement as well.)

4.     The application   should be authorized by the chairman of the board or the chief executive officer. Once the completed application and membership dues are received, there will be an approval process. When you are accepted as a LEAD INDIA member, you will receive a membership packet. If you are not admitted as a LEAD INDIA member, your application fee( membership dues) will be reimburse, minus basic charge of Indian Rs. 1000 for processing the application.
To help facilitate the processing of your application in a timely manner, please ensure that the documents requested in Numbers 2, 3 above are complete and submitted with the membership application.

Please direct inquiries or submit supporting documents, to the Membership Director at membership@leadindiafoundation.org, or via mail to:

Membership Director,
120, East Market Street, Suite 808, Indiana Polis, IN 46204
Contact no. : +9 (917) 9073208





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