A Leading  Educational Teaching, research and consultancy ORGANIZATION, a unit of Lead India Foundation Group, is dedicated to provide guidance and coaching of utmost quality in a scientific manner through modern teaching technique to the youth and helping them.


Our Vision


Vision Statement

The Motto:
"We light the way, you shine the nation "

The Careernexxt Vision
To ensure that students achieve success in their careers by giving them the best possible training and expertise on exams and counseling related to education abroad. In this whole process, Careernexxt team members achieve a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

We began with a dream to provide quality support to students and teachers which offers comprehensive classroom preparation programs for tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS etc Currently we are serving the students through three modes viz classroom training,distance learning through correspondence and online.

One of the first Institutions in this sector to acquire an ISO 9001 certification, Careernext has always kept quality above everything else. The role of our content department was extended to a full fledged Research and Development Unit, which not only works on the supporting materials but also on teaching and learning efficiency. The unique method of courseware of the unit will make the students interesting to learn as well as to perform better no doubt.

Our competitive advantage lies in our strengths in integrating research, technology and teaching to build upon a Concept Based Approach, which leaves a permanent imprint in the minds of learners. Our experience in both standardized and non-standardized test preparation areas has ensured a smooth sailing for the students in the most troubled waters.

Careernexxt attempted to fill the information gap on education abroad. Back then, the only information available on education abroad was through friends and family living or studying abroad. Thus, only a small percentage of interested students had access to information. The institution attempted to fill this information gap reflects that  thousands of our students on the thresholds of careers that would not have been possible without the right guidance at the right time.

Education abroad. Divided into three heads namely, Training, Admissions, and Visa, the institute makes the entire process of studying abroad - from preparing to actually joining a foreign university, a smooth process. In recent years, the inclusion of several value-added services such as discounted couriers, educational loans, pre-departure orientation, etc. has made Lead India Foundation a one-stop solution centre for all your study abroad requirements. 

How are we equipped to assist you and why should you choose us?

  • Extensive Tie-Ups - We represent a lot of education institutions worldwide, allowing our students the flexibility of choosing from a lot of study abroad options as per their need and desires.
  • Complete and Transparent Service - We believe in providing the best quality service to students by keeping them updated at each and every stage of the admissions process, right from choosing the universities up till the visa stage.
  • Student involvement We realize the importance of maintaining smooth communication with students and keeping them involved during the entire process. Keeping this in mind, we are dedicated to providing  hassle free service to the student.
  • Providing Guidance We believe in giving valuable advice and guidance to the student. This helps us eliminate all doubts that a student may have or is apprehensive about. Our counsellors are trained to provide you with the best advice.
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MBBS, Engineering, Management, Computer Science

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MBBS, Pharmacy, Management, Engineering, Computer studies, Social works


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